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Common Cold

What is a cold? Is it the flu? A cold is a virus that infects the upper respiratory tract, hence being also known as an ‘upper respiratory tract infection’ or ‘URTI’. The virus is generally breathed in from particles or from the droplets from someone who has a cold. It is the most common type…

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Cardiovascular Conditions

The Cholesterol & Vascular Disease LinkStroke


Asthma & Action Plans

Chronic Conditions

Outer Eastern Persistent Pain ProgramChronic Disease Management PlanAsthma & Action Plans


Diabetes General Information

Diet and Nutrition

Weight Loss



Infections & Immunisation

Warts – how to treatThe Flu & ImmunisationShinglesCommon Cold


Strap an injured/sprained ankleAnkle Sprains


Chronic Disease Management Plan

Medicines & Prescribing

Changes to patient access to low dose codeine

Mental Health

DementiaCBT & Mindfulness for Depression & Anxiety

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Strap an injured/sprained ankleGout

Patient Downloadable Resources

Recommended Health Apps

Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy Complications ExplainedPregnancy & Lifestyle AdviceInfections in PregnancyHow to organise your antenatal careCommon Symptoms in Pregnancy

Procedures - How to

Warts – how to treatStrap an injured/sprained ankleHow to use nasal spraysHow to use asthma inhalers +/- spacerHow to prepare your ears for syringing

Respiratory Conditions

Thunderstorm Asthma, Be preparedHow to use nasal spraysHow to use asthma inhalers +/- spacerAsthma and Action Plans


Cancer Screening

Skin Conditions