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Exercise & Emotional Health

Running For Happiness – by Dr Chris Madden, GP   “…..advantageous in treating and preventing conditions such as major depression and anxiety.” As a GP I am passionate about the virtues of exercise and promoting it to my patients.   I thrive on the challenge of encouraging people to realise the goal of a healthier…

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Cardiovascular Conditions

The Cholesterol & Vascular Disease LinkStroke


Asthma & Action Plans

Chronic Conditions

Outer Eastern Persistent Pain ProgramChronic Disease Management PlanAsthma & Action Plans


Diabetes General Information



Infections & Immunisation

Warts – how to treatThe Flu & ImmunisationShinglesCommon Cold


Strap an injured/sprained ankleAnkle Sprains

Lifestyle - Diet, Nutrition & Fitness

Weight LossExercise & Emotional Health


Chronic Disease Management Plan

Medicines & Prescribing

Changes to patient access to low dose codeine

Mental Health

Exercise & Emotional HealthDementiaCBT & Mindfulness for Depression & Anxiety

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Strap an injured/sprained ankleGout

Patient Downloadable Resources

Recommended Health Apps

Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy Complications ExplainedPregnancy & Lifestyle AdviceInfections in PregnancyHow to organise your antenatal careCommon Symptoms in Pregnancy

Procedures - How to

Warts – how to treatStrap an injured/sprained ankleHow to use nasal spraysHow to use asthma inhalers +/- spacerHow to prepare your ears for syringing

Respiratory Conditions

Thunderstorm Asthma, Be preparedHow to use nasal spraysHow to use asthma inhalers +/- spacerAsthma and Action Plans


Cancer Screening

Skin Conditions