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Payment Information

We are a mixed billing private practice and request payment at the time of consultation. Your Medicare rebate will then be credited to your account on the same day

Fee Guideline – Effective from July 2023
Consultation Charge Medicare Rebate Out Of Pocket Charge
Standard Consult (up to 15 mins)
In-Person or Phone Call
Suitable for 1 main health concern
$91.00 $41.20 $49.80
Long Consult (up to 30 mins)
In-Person or Phone
$148.00 $79.70 $68.30
Longer Consult (over 30 mins) $205.00 $117.40 $87.60


You need to have visited the clinic and had a Face-to-Face appointment within the last 12 months to be eligible for phone call Medicare rebates.

See below for mental health specific consult fee guideline.

Bulk billing

Only available before 5pm, Monday to Friday to Medicare card holders of children under the age of 16, Aged Pension or Health Care Card holders. Telehealth is not bulk billed.

All other patients or outside of these times including Saturdays will attract a private fee.

In cases of severe financial hardship, discuss your fees with your doctor during the appointment.

Telehealth / Phone Consults

Telehealth is not bulk-billed. Minimum fee for Health Care Card holders, Pension Card holders or those under the age of 16 years is $61.40 (medicare rebate of $41.40).

Additional fees

Please note: There is an additional $25 Utility Fee for use of the Treatment Rooms, cryotherapy
(freezing warts etc.) and for consumables such as plaster, dressings, bandages, lotions,
spirometry etc.

Mental Health Consults
Mental Health Consults Charge Medicare Rebate Out Of Pocket Charge
Mental Health Care Plan
(time dependent)
$185 – $243 $99.70 – $146.90 $85.30 – $96.10
Mental Health Review appointment $148.00 $78.55 $69.45
Initial Eating Disorder Appointment
(time dependent)
$185 – $243 $99.70 – $146.90 $85.30 – $96.10
Eating Disorder Review Appointment $148.00 $78.55 $69.45


If you require a consultation unrelated to mental health and in addition to a mental health consult please be aware additional fees may occur. Please book these on separate days.

Treatment Room / Procedures / Minor Ops

Private fees regardless of Healthcare card or concession status apply to all medical procedures including cryotherapy at Emerald Medical Centre. Medicare rebates are available and payment is required at the time of your appointment. Additional minimum $25 utility fee applies on these procedures due to use of equipment, dressings or consumables.

Please discuss fees with your doctor as all procedures attract a private fee.

Common Procedures Charge Medicare Rebate Out Of Pocket Charge
Iron Infusions $166.00 $41.20 $124.80


The full fee structure is available at reception.


Workcover patients are responsible for payment of their account until acceptance of liability is received from the employer or a claim number is issued from an insurance company. Only then are we able to bill employers or insurance companies direct. Appointments related Workcover will be privately charged from 5.00pm weekdays and Saturdays.


All Tac patients will be responsible for their own account until the claim has been accepted by Transport Accident Commission and a number has been issued. Appointments related to TAC will be privately charged from 5.00pm weekdays and Saturdays.


All DVA patients will be responsible for payment of their account until our clinic has been provided with their current DVA card and details. If classified as Vet specified the patient will need to provide supporting documentation from DVA as to the related health services Accepted by Department of Veteran Affairs. All unrelated services will be billed in accordance with Clinic private billing policy. In addition, appointments related to DVA accepted services will be privately charged from 5.00pm weekdays and Saturdays.

Medical reports / Private insurance certificates

Employment Medical reports, private insurance-related medical reports/certificates, or any other documentation requiring completion not covered by an insurance agency, please kindly submit copies of the paperwork in advance of your appointment. Our doctor will then assess the information provided and confirm if they are able to complete the report. A quote for the private fee associated with the report will be provided to the patient, once agreed the patient can book the face to face appointment. Depending on the complexity of the medical report, nurse time allocation may be necessary. Full payment for the medical report is required on the day of the appointment, and the report will only be released to the patient upon receipt of payment.