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Chronic Conditions


Asthma Cycle of Care

The clinical staff are proficient at providing comprehensive high quality care for people with asthma.

There is a dedicated asthma clinic where our nursing team at Emerald Medical Centre can perform spirometry tests, allowing us to ensure optimal control of your asthma medications being used. We can develop asthma action plans, and teach patients and families emergency asthma management.

Spirometry requires a 30 minute appointment with the nurse and a $20 utility fee will apply.

For information about asthma action plans, which can be organised by your GP, click here.


Diabetes Annual Cycle of Care

The clinical staff are proficient at providing comprehensive high quality care for people with diabetes. We are confident at managing people with diabetes from diagnosis, giving lifestyle and practical advice, monitoring progress, prescribing appropriate medications and managing most complications of diabetes.

We invite all people with diabetes to attend for yearly care plans with our practice nurses, where diabetes management is discussed and a plan is generated for the year ahead. This plan enables the person to access medicare-funded  allied health services which is essential to their care.

For ease of access, we now have a number of these essential services working in our building, such as diabetic nurse educator, dietitian and podiatrist. Click here for more information.


Chronic Disease Management Plans

These plans are for chronic disease sufferers, allowing them to access subsidised allied health. There are Medicare criteria requirements so please ask your doctor or practice nurses if you are eligible for this plan.

For eligibility criteria click here.



Childhood & Schedule Immunisation

Immunisations are the most significant public health intervention in the last 200 years, providing a safe and efficient way to prevent the spread of many diseases that cause hospitalisation, serious ongoing health conditions and sometimes death. The National Immunisation Program was set up by the government to improve the overall health of the population and eliminate these significant illnesses. The range of vaccinations is carefully drawn into a timetable throughout a child’s life and is called the ‘schedule’ which can be seen here.

We stock all schedule vaccines and are provided free-of-charge from the government. Our highly experienced nurse immunisers are available every day excluding Sunday.

Please note that a vaccine should not be given when someone is unwell with a fever. You will be asked to wait for 15 minutes after the vaccine is given for safety reasons. It will hurt a bit and there may be some localised redness and soreness after the vaccine is given.


Flu Vaccination

Influenza, or ‘the flu’ is a serious respiratory virus that can prove fatal in a minority of cases.

Flu vaccines are developed annually to give people temporary immunity to the expected strain of influenza virus expected for the winter season. It is made available in Autumn (April) and is available here at EMC.

The government provides free flu vaccines for all vulnerable patients:

  • Chronic conditions, eg asthma, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, immunodeficiency etc
  • Over 65 years old
  • Pregnant women

Otherwise a private flu vaccine is available here as well but for a private fee of about $20.

Note – the flu vaccination only lasts a few months so is necessary to have repeated each year.


Travel Vaccination

We cover basic travel vaccines at Emerald Medical Centre. An appointment with your doctor will be required to identify the appropriate vaccinations needed for your travel needs. Please see reception for the vaccination price list. No concessions apply to travel vaccinations since medicare does not provide this but many private health insurance policies will offer a refund on these items.

Typical vaccinations, which we stock, required for travel to SE Asia for example include

  • Hepatitis A (Havrix)
  • Typhoid (Typhim)

Please note for Yellow Fever Vaccinations, patients need to attend a Travel Vaccination clinic. We do not stock these vaccinations.



Treatment Room Minor Ops

The newly refurbished Emerald Medical Centre has accommodated two excellently equipped and fully functional treatment rooms. Within these GPs can perform a number of procedures such as:

  • Skin lesion biopsy or removal
  • Lumps & bumps removal
  • Ingrown toenail resection

You would require a consultation with a GP beforehand to plan the management plan.

A $20 utility fee applies on these procedures due to use of dressings and equipment.


Minor Injuries

We are equipped to deal with accidents that may happen such as skin injuries as well as musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains and basic bone fractures and sprains. Our clinical team have the expertise and equipment to perform procedures such as:

  • Emergency skin repair of injuries with sutures
  • Dressings
  • Strapping ankles
  • Plaster casts

If you are unsure if the injury can be dealt with at EMC please phone ahead and possibly speak to a nurse who can advise accordingly.


Dressing and Wound Management

Our very experienced nursing staff can manage all types of wounds at Emerald Medical Centre. A $20 utility fee will apply for the materials used for each dressing.


Iron Infusions

If your doctor prescribes an iron infusion, our nursing team are able to administer these for you. These appointments normally take 60-90 minutes and a $50 fee will apply.



Liquid nitrogen therapy is available at Emerald Medical Centre and is a simple measure in the management of warts, some sun damage spots and removal of skin tags. It is a slightly painful process and may require repeated treatments.

Since this extra service is not funded by medicare, the clinic has to order and fund this extra treatment itself, so there is a $10 out-of-pocket fee for providing this service.


Ear Syringing

All our doctors and Susanne, our nurse, are able to perform ear syringing. Please note you will need to prepare your ears for syringing before you see the nurse or doctor. Instructions can be found here.

Pathology & Radiology



We are fortunate enough to have an ‘Australian Clinical Labs’ collection centre at the front of the building at 352 Belgrave-Gembrook Rd. They are our preferred pathology that offer a wide range of pathology investigations. They are open from 8am-4pm on weekdays and 9am-12pm on Saturdays. Most tests can be performed on a walk in basis, but it would be worth checking with your GP or the collection centre on 03 5968 6076. For more information click here.

In order to have pathology tests performed your GP needs to provide a referral form. Most of these tests are bulk billed by the pathology provider. The Dr will request tests that they think are necessary in your care; a medicare rebate is only possible on investigations suggested & managed by an AHPRA recognised practitioner for the improvement of a person’s health.


Emerald Medical Centre has a weekly visiting ultrasound scanning service. This is a bulk billed service, yet musculoskeletal scans have a $95 out-of-pocket service. Click here for more information. Ultrasound can be used to assess many soft tissue problems such as abdominal pain, lumps & bumps, obstetrics as well as musculoskeletal injuries. Your GP may advise on having an ultrasound scan and provide you with a referral form so that you can book the scan.

Xrays, CT, MRI or other specialised scans are unfortunately not offered here in Emerald so you will need to be referred to specialist radiology clinics or hospitals in the outer suburbs. Some of these tests can be bulk billed.


Women’s Health



Cervical smears, or PAPs,  test cells from the cervix to check for early abnormalities which, left untreated, could develop into cervical cancer. It is currently recommended that all women aged between 18 and 69, who have ever been sexually active, have regular PAP tests (2 yearly). Please note, as of December 2017 cervical cancer screening is changing to 5 yearly HPV DNA tests. Click here

PAPs can be done with the Andrea, our qualified nurse for $10 utility fee.

If you need a PAP test, please make an appointment with Andrea, one of our practice nurses, or one of your doctors. We have appointments with the nurse from 9am every weekday, with a late night on Tuesday until 8pm.

Our qualified nurse and doctors are also happy to educate our female patients on BSE (Breast Self-Examination) so that you can conduct the examination monthly at home.



Please make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss your contraception options. Implanons can be inserted with certain doctors. Enquire at reception for more information.



The GPs & Nurses here are happy to advise and assist pregnant women with general matters before and after delivery of their baby. Our GPs can answer most queries, advise on lifestyle in pregnancy, symptoms and general medical problems and get the ball rolling with antenatal scan and blood test referrals. For more information on what to do when you find out you are pregnant click here.

Antenatal Obstetric care is something more specialised that unfortunately we don’t offer here at Emerald Medical Centre so would need to refer onto another service.

Mental Health


Here at EMC our clinical staff are all well versed in supporting people with mental health disorders. We pride ourselves on having an empathic and non judgemental approach to people going through the pain of emotional distress or other such mental health disorders. We would be happy to assist you effectively to help you manage your condition effectively.



We are lucky to have a visiting psychiatrist in the form of Dr Colin Scott who attends once a month and can do initial psychiatric assessment for more complex mental health needs. You will need a referral from your GP then book in via our reception for Dr Scott.


We regularly refer to Emerald Psychology Practice who also provide an excellent service to people with emotional distress. You will need a mental health care plan from your GP for these services.

For more information click here.


Mental Health Care Plans

Emotional distress, such as depression and anxiety, can be effectively treated with psychotherapy delivered by a clinical psychologist. To read more click here.

Treatment is funded by medicare provided a person has attended their GP for a ‘mental health care plan’. This is an extended appointment where a GP should take a comprehensive history and get a thorough understanding of the diagnosis, its possible causes as well as discuss and plan suitable medical and non medical ways to treat the problem, one of which is the referral to a psychologist.

Once a mental health care plan is performed (and billed to medicare) by the GP then the person is able to attend for 6 psychotherapy treatment sessions over the next year. Once these sessions have been completed, if they and the psychotherapist deems it necessary to have more funded sessions then they should return to their GP for a ‘mental health care plan review’ which, once billed to medicare by the GP, enables them to have 4 more funded treatment sessions within that year.


Other Nurse Services


45-49 year-old Health Assessment

At this age group there are often early signs of chronic disease that can be detected by a range of tests and managed to reduce any long term complications. These assessments are conducted initially with a nurse over an hour consultation where a comprehensive health history is taken and appropriate tests performed. You will then be followed up by your GP with all results.


75+ Health Assessment

This is a comprehensive annual health assessment that helps manage all aspects of your daily living, maintaining and promoting independence. The assessment then helps reduce any medical complications and hospitalisations.


QUIT Counselling

Two of our nurses are QUIT counsellors. If you are considering quitting smoking, please talk to reception for an appointment so we can help develop the tools appropriate to your quitting plan, and, if necessary, arrange appropriate prescriptions to assist. Follow up will need to arranged from there