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What does it mean? 

AGPAL accreditation logoEmerald Medical Centre is accredited against standards set by Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). These standards have been written by professional people who are just like your doctor. AGPAL does not set these standards.

Accreditation is a process which acknowledges that our surgery has met these set of standards. It shows that we are committed to safe, high quality health care. Accreditation means you are being cared for in a safe place. It is a voluntary process undertaken and is renewed every three years. 

Visiting an Australian Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) accredited practice means that we, as an accredited practice, have met medical and industry standards.

  • Most importantly, we provide you with safe and high quality care
  • Our staff complete regular education and training
  • We regularly improve the services we offer you
  • We respect your rights and needs as a patient
  • We keep your records private and secure
  • We  use clean and sterile equipment to ensure you are safe from infection
  • We make sure your vaccines stay at the right temperature so they work
  • We listen to your feedback for ongoing improvement