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Telephone Consultations

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Medicare-funded Telephone/Video Consultation with your GP


As of March 2020 the federal government allowed GPs to perform funded telehealth (phone or video) consultations. This is an initiative that is temporary and will be lifted as of September 2020.

The idea behind this is to enable GPs to provide medical care and advice to patients without the need for face-to-face contact. This applies to both those with potential COVID 19 symptoms as well as people with general medical problems that require a GP’s assistance but may not need to come into the medical centre.

This provides convenience & peace of mind to patients as well as safeguarding the medical centre, its staff and patients on the premises from exposure to the virus.

On being booked for a telehealth consult

  • Please provide an up-to-date & preferred telephone number for the GP to contact you on
  • Please be close to the phone & answer it when the GP calls as they have other appointments they need to attend to afterwards.
  • Be patient; the GP may be a little late if there have been unexpected events

The outcome could be:

  • Advice to attend hospital or a COVID19 testing facility
  • Attend the medical centre but remain outside in the car park to await the GP if you are a potential infection risk
  • Since we still wish to provide high standard clinical care, which often requires face-to-face assessment, the GP may advise you to attend for a face-to-face consultation within the clinic if you are not an infection risk


  • A script can be issued & left behind reception or forwarded to your nominated pharmacy
  • A letter is issued and can be left behind reception, faxed or emailed to a nominated destination

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