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Our mission is to provide a fully equipped, patient-centred, General Practitioner-led, team-based environment in which a comprehensive, coordinated and integrated approach to wrap-around health and wellness support enables every member of our community to achieve optimal health.

Opening Hours

8:30am - 8:00pm
8:30am - 12:30pm

Please note there is no Bulk Billing available after 6pm or on Saturdays



The government has recently introduced a change to the immunisation schedule, for older adults, regarding pneumococcal disease. A new vaccine is now offered to patients turning 70, and for a period of time, a catch up for those over 70 years of age.

This vaccine is free

Please discuss this with your doctor during your next appointment to confirm your eligibility.

Telehealth is available for all patients

Telephone consults will be available for all patients until March 2021.

However the Medicare vulnerable to COVID-19 criteria will cease as of 1/10/20, and only pensioners, health care card holders and children under 16 will be bulk billed. Bulk billing for all other patients will be at the doctor's discretion.

Doctors will obtain informed financial consent from patients prior to charging a private fee for telephone consults. The fee will be $68.75 with a rebate of $38.75. A gap fee of $30.

The fee will increase for extended consults.

Online Appointments

Our Appointment system is now available for you to make an appointment with us anytime.

If you’re a new patient at Emerald Medical Centre, please take a few minutes to complete the new patient registration form. This will save you time when you arrive for your doctors appointment.

EMC News

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It’s important to look after your mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We recognise that many of you may be experiencing feelings of anxiety and concern. You may not have ever sought mental health support or perhaps you have. Regardless of your past experience we are in unprecedented times and it is important that…

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About Emerald Medical Centre

Dr. Ian (Spud) Mcleod Murphy was an old-style doctor who came to Emerald in the early 1950’s after a distinguished career in the Navy. He soon became the beloved affable GP most of the older people of the area remember as the first GP in the Hills. He established the Emerald Medical Centre in the old Post Office....

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