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Educational Activities at EMC

Emerald Medical Centre prides itself on being a centre of medical education for the future generation of doctors and GPs as well as being committed to continued professional education for all current clinical staff. Some parts of your care therefore may be overseen by a doctor in training and their supervisor.


Registrar Training & Supervision

Emerald Medical Centre has been hosting GP registrars for many years and we believe strongly in an apprenticeship model of training future GPs.

Registrars are fully qualified doctors who have had several years of hospital medicine experience and are in their last year or so of their training to be fully qualified GPs and are attaining their Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of GPs (RACGP).

You may be booked in with our registrar who is fully versed in all aspects of providing medical care in General Practice but is supervised by a senior GP in the practice. Your consultation may involve the registrar’s supervising GP sitting in, but this is optional and we will respect if you feel uncomfortable with this.

We are a practice that is affiliated with EVGP Training, the local provider of postgraduate GP training, click here.


Medical Students

Emerald Medical Centre is an affiliate practice of the Department of General Practice at Monash University. We host 4th year medical students from Monash University on Thursdays. You may be asked to see the student prior to your appointment or the student may be present in your consultation. This is optional and we will respect if you feel uncomfortable with this. The students are taught to be discrete and are bound by the same confidentiality ethics as all members of staff at our clinic.


Clinical Team CPD

Continued professional development (CPD) is a necessary part of maintaining GP and nurse registration.

Here at Emerald Medical Centre we are lucky to have a vibrant team that believes in continuous education and providing high standard and up to date care. As part of this we run a comprehensive CPD program in the form of monthly lunchtime meetings for GPs, practice nurses and allied health professionals to attend.

We often invite specialists to come and discuss important clinical topics or we discuss recent developments in medicine, healthcare or interesting and challenging cases amongst ourselves to better our knowledge.


Patient Education

We hope to start offering patient education sessions in the future. Watch this space.