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How to prepare your ears for syringing

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You have wax in your ear & may need to have your ears syringed to clear the wax that is blocking your ear canal(s). This will help you hear in stereo sound again! But you need to loosen the wax with oil in order to make sure syringing is effective and not cause you harm. The wax alone may unblock the problem anyway

Please let the doctor or the nurse know if you have a history of a perforated (burst) ear drum, or a recent or current ear infection, as it may be unadvisable to proceed with ear syringing.

Please follow these instructions prior to your ear syringing appointment with the nurse.

  1. Use oil, eg waxsol or olive oil to soften the wax. .
  2. If you don’t have a pipette (dropper) ask for a small 2ml syringe from the pharmacy.
  3. Lie on your side. Put 5 drops of oil into the ear that needs to be syringed.
  4. Stay lying on your side for at least 5 full minutes
  5. Do not put cotton wool or tissue into the ear afterwards – this will soak up all the oil you have just put in!
  6. Repeat this procedure 3 times a day or more, for a minimum of 4 days before your appointment.

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