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Weight Loss

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It is challenging giving guidance on how to lose weight as metabolism is dependent on a number of personal factors and takes a fair amount of time and effort. It is never easy to keep weight off, however it is possible for most people and there are some general pointers that can assist towards that goal.

  • When we eat. People may equate their diet to their three daily meals but are not so insightful into their tendency to snack on high calorific foods in between. Typical snack times tend to be in the evening when we are tired, when we are sad or when we socialize. Recognizing these triggers and modifying behaviour can really help.
  • What we eat. There is so much to advise on this topic. General things to cut down on are alcohol as well as fatty and sugary snack foods, which are high in energy. You are permitted to treat yourself every now and then though.
  • Portion size. A major cause of obesity is eating too much. We eat because our bodies tell us we are hungry. We stop when the stomach has reached its capacity. Large meals make the stomach stretch, making the point of fullness and energy intake far beyond what we actually require, leading to weight gain. Cutting portion size down can gradually reduce that point of fullness, meaning we eat less in the future.
  • Crash dieting does not work. Sudden reductions in calories can actually slow the body’s metabolism. Regular changes of calorific intake can make us gain weight by laying down more fat.
  • Get active. The other half of the metabolism equation is energy expenditure which mobilizes fat stores and assists weight loss. Exercise can take many forms and should be enjoyable and realistic; there may be barriers like physical ailments or tiredness, but there are often ways around this. I would advise just making sure you are more active by walking rather than driving or taking stairs rather than lifts where possible. Ideally a regular routine of being active with a 30 minute vigorous walk or taking up cycling or swimming would benefit.

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